5/2021 — Formality

Table of Contents

  • Programming League 2021
  • Look for Internship
  • Book (AI Superpower by Kai-Fu Lee)

Programming League 2021

Programming League is different from other events. We spent nights preparing for the Grand Finale and on that day, we will just need to bring up the show.

As a leader, I found that I should’ve spent an equal amount of time on different teams so they will not feel “abandoned”. In my case, I have three teams, Media team, Contest team and Funding team.

I spent the first half of preparation on seeking sponsors making me spending little to no time having meetings with 2 other teams.

Other than that, I found that meeting online really make people less connected with each other, which can be detrimental to the team. In a physical setting meeting, people chit chat with each other to exchange a lot of information: body language, personality, preferences and so on. A profile photo on the screen while meeting will never help with that.

I decided to have 1-hour meeting with each team every week so we can speak comfortably in a not-so-formal setting. We would say non-sense and joke around. Another benefit would be I could get to know the latest progress of the team.

Lastly, I would like to say a big Thank You to the team members, I would never able to pull the event off without them. I’m still thinking that it was a miracle have this event ended without any noticeable mistakes.

Look for Internship

Next semester will be a different semester for all sophomores in FSKTM (Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology). We are having our internship next semester.

We have to start looking for internships to fulfilled the 12-credits Industrial Training subject. Finding an internship makes me start thinking about the job I wish to have after my graduation. After all, an internship is a reflection of society.

After preparing my resume, I found out that I have a little accomplishment to mention or software projects to impress the HR departments.

But it is never too late to start today.

Book (AI Superpower by Kai-Fu Lee)

I started to read the book AI Superpower by the famous Artificial Intelligence pioneer Kai-Fu Lee.

More to share about the book soon!




The Journey is the Reward.

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He Lin

He Lin

The Journey is the Reward.

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